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A Coordination Organization Regulation Program for Everyone

Coordination | Organization | Regulation for Everyone

The C.O.R.E. program builds body awareness through passive and active engagement to promote organization of muscle control

as well as

to learn, practice and implement sensory regulation strategies

to complete activities of daily living with greater independence

This program focuses on improving:


  • Motor Control and Accuracy

  • Gross Coordination and Refined Coordination

  • Regulation of Attention and Affect

  • Daily Living Skill Acquisition


The C.O.R.E. program builds independence for adults with special needs in Daily Living Skills through engaging in activities that develop:


  • Body Awareness

  • Postural Stability and Righting Reactions

  • Dexterity and Manual Manipulation

  • Motor and Activity Sequencing


These components are individually approached and supported for each participant to develop at their own rate, individually or in a small group setting.



Each session participants engage in sensory-based movement activities to promote improved body use and accuracy as well as an appropriate regulation state for sustained engagement in activities.


Each session provides exposure and practice with movement, regulation and daily living skill objectives. The activities are provided individually or in a small group setting with modifications to meet and challenge each participant’s growing level of ability.


An integral component of the program is that it follows a loose but structured routine. In this way, it offers participants some comfort in knowing what to expect as they work to build familiarity and greater ease in using their body in new ways and focusing on improving independence in daily living skills.



Common activities participants may engage in include:


Motor Obstacle Course                       Building Recreation Skills                  Dressing Tasks

Sequencing Job Tasks                          Building Community Skills                  Grooming Tasks

C.O.R.E. has an ongoing open enrollment

Comfortable active clothing and water bottle is recommended

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