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A Sensory and Postural Based Regulation Program

Your | Organized | Grounded | Activity

The Y.O.G.A. program builds awareness of the body and confidence in movement through improving strength, balance, and the mind-body connection.

This program focuses on improving:


  • Motor Control

  • Coordination and Fluidity

  • Regulation of Movement and Affect

  • Mindfulness of Movement and Affect


Through the use of common gentle yoga postures, while focusing on regulating one’s speed, breath and awareness, the Y.O.G.A. program builds awareness of the body and confidence in movement through improving:


  • Strength

  • Balance

  • Postural Control

  • Body Awareness

  • Mind-body Connection


These components are individually approached and supported for each participant to develop at their own rate.



Each class participants engage in sensory-based movement activities to improve body awareness and regulate their system.


Movement and regulation concepts as well as postures are presented to provide the “just-right” challenge for each participant as they learn principles of being responsible for controlling their own body and focus.


Some of these concepts come in the form stretching, weight bearing activities, posture practice, visualization and auditory calming techniques. Every class provides exposure and practice with movement objectives and provides individualized modifications to meet and challenge each participant’s growing level of ability that day.


An integral component of the program is that it follows a loose but structured routine. In this way, it offers participants some comfort in knowing what to expect as they work to build familiarity and greater ease in using their body in new ways and focusing on identifying how to regulate their movement and breath.



Common equipment that participants may find useful include:


yoga mats                              yoga balls                              resistive bands

         towels                                    cotton straps                         weighted bean bags

blocks                                    for stretching                       lotion/brushes

Y.O.G.A. has an ongoing open enrollment

Comfortable active clothing and water bottle is recommended.

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