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At RISE we provide a full spectrum of services to meet the specific needs of individuals with disabilities and their families, with a special focus on families with children over the age of 21. By developing creative, personalized and meaningful solutions that prioritize your desired areas of skill development, RISE provides a customized plan to support improved access to home and community activities with purpose.

Services are offered through individual and small group opportunities with programs focusing on skill that support:


•    Simple meal/snack preparation

•    Household chores (laundry, dishes, cleaning, gardening)

•    Community purchases

•    Restaurant and Deli Ordering

•    Budgeting

•    Managing personal materials and space/organization

•    Self Care/Grooming/Dressing

•    Movement and Recreation

•    Hobbies and Self Entertainment


Our mission is to provide an integrative, supportive and collaborative approach to enhancing social connections and life skills that promote meaningful growth and offer opportunities which foster living drive by your unique purpose.


Direct Support Programs


Individual and Small Group programs that focus on building gross and refined motor skill and accuracy as well as promoting social skills and community engagement as well as greater independence in roles within the home.

Offering: C.O.R.E., B.O.Xing, Y.O.G.A., and R.E.A.D.Y.



Home Consultation and Program Design

Providing younger through older adults and their caregivers, support through designing and planning goals and roles together based on your priorities to improve engagement in your home though functional activities and daily living skills.




Providing review of documents and consultation with you, as well as preparation of supporting materials and attendance at team meetings to facilitate understanding and the development of necessary supports for your child’s success.



Education, Workshops and Seminars

Develop and present material targeted to your team’s needs. Some topics include: Sensory Integration and Processing, Behavior and Regulation, Feeding Strategies, Safety Awareness, Home Living and Movement Strategies for Life.




RISE Purpose for All is a private organization that designs and implements individual and small group programs that support social and life skill development for those challenged by disabilities and other barriers

 to enrich and promote greater participation, accessibility and

purpose in their homes and community.

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